Oxfam Cymru and South Riverside Community Development Centre Skills for Life Project: Final evaluation report

Publication date

07 Jun 2018

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The Skills for Life project was a one-year project focused on supporting predominantly Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) women in Cardiff to “build long-term, lasting outcomes [beyond] moving into entry-level work and beyond ‘first jobs’ (whilst recognising their value as stepping stones)”. Skills for Life is a sister project of Future Skills, and run as part of Oxfam’s UK Programme Women United. It was delivered by Oxfam Cymru in partnership with South Riverside Community Development Centre (SRCDC).

The project also built on the success of the Building Livelihoods and Strengthening Communities in Wales project by providing Sustainable Livelihoods Approach support to participants and was funded through the Innovation Fund of the Welsh Government's Communities for Work programme and the European Social Fund.

The external evaluation report presents findings from the independent evaluation undertaken by the Social Effectiveness Research Centre, and is authored by Dr Leon Quinn. It outlines the project’s key achievements, outputs and outcomes derived from quantitative and qualitative data; highlights challenges; provides a costed value analysis; and concludes with recommendations for future work.