Final Evaluation: Building Livelihoods and Strengthening Communities in Wales project

Publication date

01 Apr 2016


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The Building Livelihoods and Strengthening Communities in Wales project was funded by the Big Lottery Fund, Unilever and Oxfam, and was delivered by nine local partner organisations in communities across Wales between 2012 and 2016. The project piloted the use of the Sustainable Livelihoods Approach in working with different groups experiencing poverty and marginalisation and was able to demonstrate a social return on investment of £4.43 for every £1.

The external evaluation report presents findings from the independent evaluation undertaken by Arad Research. It outlines the general achievements of the project over its lifetime, and provides detailed statistics relating to the project's outputs and outcomes, as well as extensive qualitative feedback from participants and project workers outlining its methods, successes, challenges and learning points, concluding with practice and policy recommendations arising from the project. An executive summary is also available.

The value analysis report, authored by Dr Leon Quinn (Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator), assesses the project in respect to the amount of value it has generated, or will generate, as a result of the activities it pursued during its lifetime.