Yemen in Crisis: How Yemen can survive the fuel crisis and secure its future

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24 Jun 2014

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Yemen is a country in continuous crisis. More than half its population live below the poverty line and are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Fuel shortages, corruption, unemployment and violence have all become part of daily life. Now, a new crisis is unfolding: as fuel supplies run dry, food prices are soaring and water is becoming inaccessible. Fuel shortages and rapid inflation are sending shock waves through rural communities across the country.

Millions of Yemenis are going hungry, drinking unsafe water and increasingly falling between the cracks of an inadequate social safety net, as they bear the brunt of yet another fuel crisis.

Yemen’s government and donors must address immediate human impacts alongside the root causes of the fuel crisis. They must increase the provision of social welfare while also undertaking public finance reform, to ensure the safety of all Yemenis, the country’s stability and political transition.