Women's Empowerment in Mali: Impact evaluation of the educational project: 'Girls CAN - Promoting Secondary Education in West Africa'

Publication date

10 Apr 2017

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This evaluation is presented as part of the Effectiveness Review Series 2015/16, selected for review under the women's empowerment thematic area. This report documents the findings of a quasi-experimental impact evaluation carried out in January 2016 that sought to assess the impact of the activities of the 'Girls CAN - Promoting Secondary Education in West Africa' project.

The overall objective of this project was to promote the successful transition of adolescent girls from primary to secondary school. This was achieved by rolling out a variety of activities to support the change from within the community. It was, therefore, aimed not only at girls, but also at all community members involved in the project (e.g. mothers, school directors and religious figures).

The project was implemented by Oxfam in conjunction with the Association d'Appui A  l'Auto Developpement Communautaire (AADeC), a local NGO, in collaboration with the Centre d'Animation Pedagogique (CAP) of Baguineda, and the Ministry of National Education. It started in October 2011 in 17 primary schools and eight secondary schools, and ended in December 2015.

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