Women's Empowerment in Armenia: Impact evaluation of the women's economic empowerment project in rural communities in Vayots Dzor region

Publication date

16 Mar 2017

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This evaluation is presented as part of the Effectiveness Review Series 2015/16, selected for review under the women's empowerment thematic area. The evaluation took place in November 2015 in Vayots Dzor region - Armenia. It intended to evaluate the success of the 'Women's economic empowerment in rural communities of Vayots Dzor region' project in achieving its objectives: increasing household income (by promoting agriculture/horticulture and agribusiness) and promoting women's economic empowerment.

The project, implemented by the Oxfam partner Business Support Centre (BSC), Scientific Center for Vegetable and Industrial Crops (SCVIC) and Horizon Fund, started in April 2011 supporting four cooperatives in four villages in Vayots Dzor region. The project was concluded in 2013. This evaluation was conducted in November 2015, two years after the project activities concluded. The evaluation adopted a mixed method approach employing quasi-experimental impact evaluation design combined with a qualitative component.

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