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Women producers and the benefits of collective forms of enterprise

Women producers and the benefits of collective forms of enterprise
18 pages

Jones, Elaine
Smith, Sally
Wills, Carol

Sweetman, Caroline
Gender & Development Volume 20 Issue 1 Business and Enterprise

Publication date
23 Mar 2012


Oxfam GB

Journal article

This article summarises the findings of an action research project examining the experience of women producers in various collective enterprises, all linked to the Fair Trade movement, in seven countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. What are the benefits of collective enterprise for women producers? The study found that participating in collective forms of enterprise and linking to Fair Trade markets can enable women producers to access resources and markets, develop relationships, and overcome gender constraints. This can help them significantly in meeting economic and social goals. The article also describes how some membership-based organisations are addressing various complex obstacles and challenges. These lessons have both practical and policy implications for international development programmes looking to support small and medium-size enterprise as a route to women's economic empowerment This article is hosted by our co-publisher Taylor & Francis. For the full table of contents for this and previous issues of this journal, please visit the Gender and Development website.


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