This series of papers resulted from the Whose Economy? seminars, held in Scotland in 2010 – 2011, whose purpose was to provide a space for researchers, representative organisations, policy-makers and people with experience of poverty to come together and explore the causes of poverty and inequality in today’s Scotland. The document includes the following papers: “Whose Economy? An introduction” by Mike Danson and Katherine Trebeck; “Whose Welfare State Now?” by Adrian Sinfield; “The Scottish Economy” by Stephen Boyd; “Desperately Seeking Poverty (Alleviation): towards poverty sensitive budgeting in local government” by John H McKendrick; “Rethinking Good and Bad Jobs in Glasgow” by Chris Warhurst; “Health Inequalities in Scotland: Looking beyond the blame game” by Gerry McCartney and Chik Collins; “Wellbeing, Consumer Culture and the ‘New Poor’” by Sandra Carlisle and Phil Hanlon; “Stigmatising Poverty? The ‘Broken Society’ and reflections on anti-welfarism in the UK today” by Gerry Mooney; “Housing, Class and Regeneration: exploring the ‘new’ inequalities” by Kirsteen Paton; “The Experience of Poverty in an Unequal Society” by Sarah Welford; “To What Extent Does Poverty Explain Scotland’s Poor Health Profile?” by David Walsh; “Community Ownership Through Land Reform? A review of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003” by Tim Braunholtz-Speight; “Can Public Services ‘Protect The Vulnerable’ in the Age of Austerity? Considering the evidence on streetcleaning services in the age of growth” by Annette Hastings; and “Conclusion: Our Economy” by Mike Danson and Katherine Trebeck.