What are the opportunities to promote gender equity and equality in conflict-affected and fragile states? Insights from a review of evidence

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25 Nov 2011

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This article draws on a study which reviewed current evidence and lessons on how gender equality can be effectively strengthened in the context of conflict-affected and fragile states. The study looked at women's political and economic empowerment and women and girls’ access to quality services. State-building in conflict-affected and fragile contexts has been widely regarded as an opportunity for securing greater gender equity and equality. While there has been some success in relation to women's participation in elections and formal politics and engagement in small-scale economic enterprise, inequitable gender power relations within the household and wider society have not been considered or understood, and thus opportunities have been lost. This article is hosted by our co-publisher Taylor & Francis. For the full table of contents for this and previous issues of this journal, please visit the Gender and Development website.