Urban WASH Governance in Pakistan: Impact Evaluation of the Improving Urban WASH Governance and Accountability (IUWGA) project

Publication date

06 Nov 2019

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This evaluation is presented as part of the Effectiveness Review Series 2017/18.  The Improving Urban WASH Governance and Accountability (IUWGA) project in Pakistan was selected for review under the ‘Sustainable Water’ thematic area. The overall objective of the project was to develop and pilot-test a local urban governance model that builds on a concept of collaborative rights and accountability relations as the basis for developing a new social contract between local authorities and citizens in new urban settlements. The model was piloted over a period of two years (April 2015 - March 2017) in two Union Councils in the Sindh and Punjab Province.

This assessment focused on the effectiveness and likely sustainability of the participatory governance model relative to ‘equitable and sustainable access to water’. Participatory Impact Assessment and Learning Approach (PIALA) was used to rigorously assess the impact of system change and engage stakeholders in its processes.

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