Universal Access to Female Condoms (UAFC)

Publication date

01 Mar 2014

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First published by Oxfam Novib in March 2014, this case study focuses on the advocacy component of the Universal Access to Female Condoms (UAFC ) programme, which is aimed at increasing choice and financial and political support for female condoms among donors and implementers. Access to female condoms is far from universal and for a long time there was only one female condom available. Female condoms are also often not included in family planning or HIV programmes. UAFC advocates for more female condoms to enter the international market to give women more choice.

The Universal Access to Female Condoms programme has three overall objectives: to ensure available and affordable condoms; to create increased demand for and sustained use of female condoms; and to ensure financial and political support from global and local policy makers, donors and implementing organizations. In 2013 the programme was active in Cameroon, Mozambique and Nigeria. In November 2013 UAFC was awarded the public private partnership award, to celebrate successful partnerships between the Dutch government, private sector and non-governmental organizations.