Unequal Partners: How EUACP Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) could harm the development prospects of many of the world's poorest countries

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27 Sep 2006

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The Doha 'Development' Round of trade talks has stalled, but the world's poorest countries remain under pressure to open up their markets with potentially disastrous consequences. These negotiations were meant to 'make trade fair', but they were blocked by the USA and EU, unwilling to address the rigged rules and double standards from which they benefit. The EU wants to forge new free trade agreements with 75 of its former colonies in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific (ACP). These imbalanced negotiations of 'Economic Partnership Agreements' between the two regions, pit some of the world's most advanced industrial economies against some of the poorest nations on earth. In addition, the ACP countries are split into six small groups for the negotiations; the smallest group, the Pacific Islands, is negotiating a trade agreement with an economic giant more than 1400 times its size.