Turning up the Heat: Climate change and poverty in Uganda

Publication date

17 Jul 2008

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People in developing countries like Uganda, whose contribution to global warming has been miniscule, are feeling the impacts of climate change first and worst. Climatic changes are happening in Uganda. On the one hand there is more erratic rainfall in the March to June rainy season, bringing drought and reductions in crop yields and plant varieties; on the other hand the rainfall, especially in the later rains towards the end of the year, is reported as coming in more intense and destructive downpours, bringing floods, landslides and soil erosion. This report examines the impacts of climate changes on agriculture, on pastoralism and on health and water. Climate shocks undermine health and well-being, the economy and the overall development of the country. Food insecurity in Uganda is a major challenge and climate shocks are making food insecurity worse. Impacts are greatest on the lives of ordinary people, and especially women, frustrating their efforts to overcome poverty.