The We Can Campaign in South Asia, 2004-2011: External evaluation report

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01 Sep 2011

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This summative evaluation was commissioned by OGB to cover the full 7-year period of the regional 'We Can' campaign. Launched in late 2004, with the goal of 'reducing the social acceptance of violence against women', the campaign started in six South Asian countries - Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka - but has since spread to Indonesia, the Netherlands and British Colombia in Canada. A small, external team had a total of some 120 woman-days spread over three months to address a complex set of evaluation questions. The conclusions presented are based on rich - if somewhat incomplete - internal documentation and primary data gathered in key informant interviews, workshops, and field research in India and Nepal. This realist, utilisation-focused evaluation centres on key aspects of the campaign identified with the users of this evaluation, to serve accountability and learning purposes.