The Power is in People: Reflections from our development practice in South Africa

Publication date

01 May 2016




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This Oxfam Australia publication captures experiences, learning, knowledge and underlying principles of the development of the programs in South Africa from 1998 to 2016. In this light, it seeks to do many things:

  • Describe the journey in South Africa through the eyes of Oxfam staff, highlighting key moments and reflecting on the changes over the years;
  • Capture the core principles and values of Oxfam's practice and ways of working; and
  • Share the way partners and Oxfam have worked together to bring about change, and how these lessons could further thinking around good partnerships.

It is a diverse, rich and beautiful consolidation and reflection of the work as Oxfam Australia closes its programs in South Africa, making way for the indigenous Oxfam South Africa.