Test Your Organisation with the 12 Boxes Framework: A facilitators' guide to support NGOs in self-assessing their response to HIV and AIDS in their workplace and in their work using a gender perspective

Publication date

01 Jan 2007

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This guide is written for development NGOs that are concerned about the HIV and AIDS epidemic, and how they can improve their response to it. Based on Oxfam Novib's experiences of gender mainstreaming the guide is aimed at NGO managers looking to do a self-assessment. Two lessons learned were crucial and form the basis for this guide: To develop a holistic assessment instead of only an organisational assessment. This guide includes a self-assessment of the response to HIV and AIDS in the workplace AND in the work. Organisational - and program changes must go hand in hand to result in postive changes for poor people; To train more trainers in order to estabish sufficient local capacity to facilitate the 12-boxes framework. The guide leads to three main outcomes on HIV and AIDS; Analysis of the organisational and programmatic strengths and limitations on HIV and AIDS from a gender perspective; Priorities for action to respond to and manage HIV and AIDS, in the workplace and in the program work; More commitment, understanding and energy from staff.