Targeting Poor People: Rebuilding lives after the tsunami

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25 Jun 2005

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In the six months since the tsunami hit, the relief and reconstruction effort has delivered real progress for the millions of people affected by the disaster. The relief effort helped to stop the outbreak of diseases such as cholera in affected communities, partly through the effective delivery of clean water and sanitation. A predicted massive increase in malnutrition was also prevented through the speedy delivery of food aid. Already in the initial phase of the reconstruction, we are beginning to see that for many people incomes are returning to previous levels, and many of the affected people are moving to permanent homes from temporary shelter. However, progress will take time and Oxfam, like many other aid agencies, is committed to working to rebuild the lives of those affected by the tsunami for at least five years in what is a very difficult and complex context. Many communities are still very traumatised, and the pace of reconstruction will have to go forward at different speeds in different areas.