SWIFT Story of Sustainable Change: Working with a local utility to get much-needed water to residents of Lodwar, Turkana

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01 Apr 2016

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The town of Lodwar is the driest spot in the arid county of Turkana in northwest Kenya. Getting water to the town’s residents is the responsibility of a private utility, the Lodwar Water and Sanitation Company (LOWASCO), and has long been a problem.

Under the SWIFT programme, Oxfam has been working with LOWASCO to address the challenges it faces: mapping the water supply to put together funding proposals, installing solar-powered pumping systems to avoid high running costs, and increasing the utility's management capacity.

Now, more than 30,000 residents have access to clean, safe water at their homes. Read about the difference this has made to Regina Aemun and her family, who are enjoying better health, better food, and being able to bathe whenever they want.