Stories of Climate Change: Learn and think about the impacts of the climate crisis on people's lives

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02 Dec 2019

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Climate change isn't a looming crisis -it's a destructive force affecting millions of lives right now. And the people who have contributed the least to the climate emergency are suffering most.

Life is already a struggle for poor communities. But climate change is making things so much harder. Droughts and floods are becoming increasingly frequent, while growing seasons for crops are more and more unpredictable. It means millions of people are going hungry.

These real-life stories and activity ideas from Malawi support learners aged 9 to 14 to learn and think about the human impact of climate change. Use an agreement line, case studies, role play and a vulnerability game to consider who is most vulnerable to climate change and explore how communities are being affected right now. Make a wristband to show solidarity with those most impacted by the climate crisis.