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Stakeholder participation, gender, and codes of conduct in South Africa

Stakeholder participation, gender, and codes of conduct in South Africa
12 pages

Barrientos, Stephanie
McClenaghan, Sharon
Orton, Liz

Eade, Deborah
Development in Practice Volume 11 Issue 5

Publication date
01 Nov 2001


Oxfam GB

Journal article

Ethical trade is expanding rapidly in the UK. Following the foundation of the Ethical Trading Initiative many companies are adopting codes of conduct to cover employment conditions in their supply chains, based on a process of multi-stakeholder participation. Addressing gender issues in their implementation remains an important challenge for policy makers. This paper considers how gender sensitivity in the monitoring and verification of codes can be enhanced within a multi-stakeholder framework based on evidence from a case study of export horticulture in South Africa. It makes policy recommendations to address the needs of more marginalised workers, many of whom are women.

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