Social Protection and Food Security in Burkina Faso: School canteens

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Social protection policies related to food security in Burkina Faso play a crucial role in improving the well-being of the population.

This report examines the school feeding programme in Burkina Faso; looking at the way it works and identifying key good practices. The government's stable commitment and the gradually planned handover by WFP and CRS are key factors for the continuation of the programme.

Other positive aspects include the links to national reserves, the active participation of communities and appropriate geographic targeting. The specific procedures to promote the enrolment and attendance of girls are also positively assessed.

The report’s recommendations include: ensuring a stable budget; paying the school cooks; promoting local purchases; ensuring food availability during the lean season; connecting the school feeding programme with other health and nutrition-related initiatives; improving programme monitoring; and strengthening the capacity of all actors involved.