Social Norms Diagnostic Tool: Sexual and gender-based violence on public transport

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Research into discriminatory social norms has identified many ways in which they may curtail the ability of women and girls –and more recently, transgender and gender non-conforming people – to break the cycle of poverty, and access the resources and services they need for empowerment.

This Social Norms Diagnostic Tool guidance document sets out participatory exercises for a 1.5-day workshop that will help programme teams identify and discuss the social norms, perceptions and expectations that shape, constrain or promote sexual harassment against women, girls, transgender and gender non-conforming people on public transport, and to develop initial ideas for change strategies with community members. This tool, though developed for primary research in Sri Lanka, can be adapted to other country contexts.

These exercises are complementary to Oxfam’s strategies and interventions on gender justice and ending violence against women and girls, economic development, food security, care work, enterprise and market development.