Six Months Into the Floods: Resetting Pakistan's priorities through reconstruction

Publication date

26 Jan 2011

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The monsoon floods that began in Pakistan in July 2010 caused a colossal disaster. Thanks to the collective efforts of the Pakistani Government, UN agencies, international NGOs, and local relief organisations, the response has achieved major successes and seen millions of Pakistanis receive vital emergency relief. Six months into the floods, the disaster is not over and many people still need humanitarian assistance. Ongoing emergency relief is just the first step in rebuilding devastated communities. A nationally-led, pro-poor reconstruction programme is needed now to create a path of sustainable development leading to a fairer and more disaster-resilient Pakistan. This is one of a series of papers that will analyse the impact of the 2010 Pakistan Floods and the challenges and opportunities facing the Government of Pakistan and the international community as Pakistan rebuilds.