Sida Humanitarian Partnership Agreement Annual Report 2015-16

Publication date

27 Sep 2016


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In June 2014, Oxfam signed a three-year framework agreement with Sida (1 April 2014-31 March 2017) - the Humanitarian Partnership Agreement (HPA). This brings together all the humanitarian funding that Oxfam receives within one contract and provides the ability to access three years of funding.

The overall goal of Oxfam€Ÿs HPA is that 'fewer women, men, and children die or suffer illness, insecurity and deprivation, by reducing the impact of natural disasters and conflict'. There are three components to the HPA: 1) The Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM), which provides surge funding at the start of an emergency scale up for up to 6 months; 2) Funding for annual 'Planned Projects' in chronic/ongoing crises; and 3) Funding for 'Strategic Investment Projects' to enable the pilot and scale up of the use of ICT in our humanitarian work and to build the capacity of local WASH partners.