Sharing Oxfam’s Experience of Using Two Approaches for Network Assessment: Social Network Analysis and Qualitative Assessment Scorecard

Publication date

29 Nov 2017

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In this paper, the authors share Oxfam’s experience of using and adapting two approaches to network assessment: Social Network Analysis (SNA) and Qualitative Assessment Scorecard (QAS). Network assessments are useful throughout the lifetime of a network for different purposes: at network formation stage, the design of influencing and advocacy interventions and for the monitoring and evaluation of a network’s contribution to change.

Drawing on the experiences of teams in the South Caucasus, Vietnam and Lebanon, this step-by-step guide has been produced to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) about how and when to use SNA and QAS. It contains links to useful resources that are available free and online. The hope is that colleagues and practitioners creating or supporting ‘networks for change’ will recognize their good practice and feel more confident and inspired to find out more about how these approaches could be adapted to suit their network’s needs and objectives.