RootsLab Lebanon Pilot Evaluation Report and Project Completion Report

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RootsLab is a collaborative pilot project supported by FRIDA | Young Feminist Fund, Global Fund for Women, Oxfam and Young Foundation. The aim of the first pilot, which took place in Lebanon, was to determine the best ways of incubating social change led by young women and trans* activists. 

The evaluation report examines whether the first pilot achieved its goals. It finds that RootsLab has begun the necessary process of decentralizing feminist resources, knowledge, skills and decision-making power and making them available to a broader range of actors and communities. Its main recommendation is to roll out the pilot model to other contexts and then continue with decentralization by releasing the model to local feminist ownership once it is implemented and assessed. 

The project completion report summarizes the progress made and lessons learned during the pilot, and proposes possible next steps for how the project can continue in the future. 

The evaluation report was written by Zeina Ammar and Myriam Claire Baker, and the project completion report was written by Francesca El Asmar, Rania Eghnatios, and Emily Brown. 

Visit the RootsLab website to learn more about the project:

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