Reversal in Progress on World Hunger Likely as Climate Change Threatens Food Security

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31 Mar 2014


Gore, Tim

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New evidence of how climate change could damage food security is presented in a major new scientific report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).The impacts of climate change on food security are worse than previously estimated – and current emissions trends could surpass adaptation limits after 2050.  This briefing summarizes some of the key findings of the IPCC Working Group II report.

To prevent a reversal in progress on ending world hunger, Oxfam is calling on governments, businesses and the public around the world to take action for zero hunger and a safer climate, so that we, our children and families around the world have enough to eat, always.

For more on Oxfam’s recommendations on climate change and food security, see Hot and Hungry: How to stop climate change derailing the fight against hunger.