Resilient Development Learning Package

Publication date

17 Oct 2019

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This document outlines the approach and activities that comprise Oxfam’s Resilient Development Learning Package. This package has been designed to enable Oxfam Resilience Advisors to deliver experiential and embodied learning events on resilient development for Oxfam Country Office staff and partners globally.

Oxfam Australia, supported by Oxfam’s Resilience Knowledge Hub, developed this Learning Package to engage Oxfam staff and partners in an experiential process of learning about resilient development and how it is relevant to everything Oxfam does.

The purpose of the Learning Package is not to provide technical training for specialist staff, but to embed an understanding of resilient development across all staff and partners. It has been designed to be as participatory and interactive as possible, without long theoretical sessions, and instead using embodied and cognitive learning approaches to support deep conceptual understanding of resilient development and the mindset change needed to affect change.