Resilience in Bangladesh: Impact Evaluation of the Promoting Sustainable Building in Bangladesh (PSBiB) Project

Publication date

31 Jan 2020

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The ‘Promoting Sustainable Building in Bangladesh’ (PSBiB) project was implemented together with 3 partner organizations between 2016 and 2019. It aimed to reduce the negative impacts of the construction and house building industry in Bangladesh on the environment, livelihoods and communities, by enabling a transition from unsustainable Traditional Bricks (TB) to sustainable Alternative Building Blocks (AB).

This Effectiveness Review examines the effectiveness and relevance of the PSBiB project, with a focus on policy changes and contributions to strengthening the country’s resilience. It adopted the Participatory Impact Assessment and Learning Approach (PIALA) as well as Contribution Tracing. The results provide evidence that the project’s strategies and interventions were significant and relevant in achieving the necessary changes in policies and legislation for promoting sustainable building materials and halting the extraction of topsoil from fertile land and protected areas. The evaluation also investigates the project’s contributions to triggering the market and to the capacities of resilience.

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