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Resilience-Building and Women's Leadership in Bangladesh

Resilience-Building and Women's Leadership in Bangladesh
8 pages

Barakat, Sarah
Akhter, Md. Badi
Bakshi, Ashish Kumar
Hossain, Md Khalid

Publication date
10 Jul 2017




Case study

The REE-CALL programme aims to strengthen community resilience to climate change by fostering economic empowerment and inclusive leadership. The programme targets highly vulnerable people: 225,000 households in 14 of the worst-affected districts of the three most vulnerable agro-ecological regions of the country – Haor, Char and the south-west and south-central coastal regions.

The programme recognizes the complex, interrelated issues of poverty and lack of agency that make women and men more vulnerable to climate change and less able to build resilience. It helps communities anticipate and cope with climate and disaster-related challenges better, recognizing the need for a holistic and integrated approach that tackles economic empowerment, disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA), rights and entitlements, and women’s leadership.

This document focuses particularly on how the programme aimed to enhance women's leadership.