Rapid Care Analysis Training Modules

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The Rapid Care Analysis (RCA) was designed to be a user-friendly assessment tool that development practitioners could learn through distance training sessions. The purpose of the RCA is to assess who in a community carries out unpaid care, so that where care work is heavy and unequal it can be recognized, reduced and redistributed, and so carers can be represented in decision making.

Since 2013 the WE-Care programme team has run dozens of online and in-person training sessions for development mangers and facilitators. These modules have been refined and reviewed to help practitioners understand and use the RCA.

The modules include two presentations: Training for Managers and Training for Facilitators, as well as accompanying exercises and worksheets.

Training for Managers (TFM) clarifies why and when managers use an assessment of care provision, and helps managers understand how to plan and implement the RCA. Training for Facilitators (TFF) ensures that facilitators are equipped to conduct the focus group exercises of the RCA. The exercises and worksheets provide a toolkit to accompany the training sessions. They include notes for the trainers conducting the TFM and TFF, templates for feedback and documentation, and exercises for participants.