Rapid Care Analysis: A contextualized tool for the Occupied Palestinian Territory

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This report analyses the issue of unpaid care and domestic work in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) using Oxfam’s Rapid Care Assessment tool. The report explores how different communities across OPT define unpaid care and domestic work through a gender lens; how they distribute this work across the household, the average hours spent by women and men on care work and how intersectional factors influence this time allocation. 

The report examines the trends that influence those roles and responsibilities, particularly in a context of protracted crisis, and how issues like economic deterioration, electricity crisis and climate change in the Gaza Strip increase the care work carried out by women and girls. The report highlights areas for action: recognizing and reducing the responsibility of care work for women and girls, raising awareness and educating about the redistribution of unpaid care and domestic work at the household level between men and women, and at the state level, accessing affordable basic services.