Preparing for Transformative Senario Planing in Botswana

Publication date

01 Dec 2016

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The University of Botswana, together with the University of Cape Town, organised a Transformative Scenario Planning (TSP) training workshop in Botswana, facilitated by Colleen Magner and Karen Goldberg from REOS Partners in South Africa. The TSP training workshop, which took place from 29 to 30 June 2016 in Gaborone, was targeted at the ASSAR research team, as well as key stakeholders of the ASSAR project.

The main objectives of the TSP training were to build capacity in TSP, get buy-in for the TSP methodology from the key stakeholders, test the TSP methodology in the context of Botswana and determine what the TSP process in Botswana could be convened around. The theme for the TSP training was 'The future of water security in Botswana by 2035'.