Policy Influence in Scotland: Evaluation of Beyond the Horizon

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This evaluation is presented as part of the Effectiveness Review Series 2013/14, randomly selected for review under the policy influence thematic area. This report documents the findings of a qualitative impact evaluation, carried out in February 2014 to assess the effectiveness of the 'Beyond the Horizon' project in Scotland.

The 'Beyond the Horizon' project included the 'Whose Economy?' seminars, the Oxfam Humankind Index and the 'Our Economy' Report, and has been a key area of Oxfam's work in Scotland since 2011. Oxfam Scotland recognises that the prevailing model of the economy is not working to eliminate poverty in the UK, and through the Oxfam Humankind Index and the Our Economy Report, aimed to influence the economy of Scotland to better respond to the needs of the many, not the few. The evaluation examined the project's effectiveness in stimulating a debate on these issues and informing policy discussions.

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