Oxfam UKPP's Partners' Participatory Appraisal Review Workshop: 18th and 19th April, 2001, Luther King House, Manchester

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07 Jun 2004


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The aim of this workshop was to to bring together UKPP's partners using Participatory Appraisal (PA) to: review their experience of using PA, review their experience of developing skills and competence in using PA, discuss scope of using PA in their work and what support they might need on taking this forward, and Oxfam's possible role in that. For Oxfam, this would help us understand: the impact of PA as a tool in different situations, our role regarding capacity building, shaper, etc, our future role and how to progress the use of PA in poverty reduction work. The Oxfam UK Poverty Programme has supported various partners in developing Participatory Appraisal skills These partners and their projects have been all quite different in their nature - not only in what was undertaken and the way PA was used, but also in the way skills were acquired and the level of support and involvement of Oxfam UKPP staff.