Oxfam in Vietnam: Citizen engagement and influencing for fair taxation

Publication date

19 Mar 2019

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Oxfam in Vietnam knows what it means to put active citizens at the heart of its fiscal justice work. Together with its partners, Oxfam has engaged with and supported people from ethnic minority groups to take part in and influence decision-making processes that affect the local municipality budget. For people to understand the budget process and to have a say in government spending that influences their lives directly – that is, making budgets more responsive to gendered needs – is key to this approach.. At the same time, Oxfam connects the national and international-level tax debates to ensure the country-by-country reporting mechanism strengthens tax transparency and tackles tax avoidance in Vietnam, holding both multinational corporations and the Vietnamese government accountable to their citizens. This case study is part of Oxfam’s F.A.I.R.-EIU program Fiscal Justice Track Record, which provides an in-depth update on Oxfam and partners’ fiscal justice and inequality work in selected countries.