Overcoming Barriers to Family Planning in Pakistan: Lessons from stories of change and a literature review

Publication date

17 Jun 2016

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This report presents findings from stories of change and existing scientific literature on family planning in Pakistan. The main objective of this report is to: a) give an overview of the barriers that married Pakistani women and their husbands face in adopting family planning and b) indicate how these barriers can be overcome. The first chapter discusses the risks that Pakistani women and children face when they are not adopting healthy reproductive behaviours and highlights the importance of family planning. The second chapter focuses on the barriers that hamper the adoption of family planning methods among married Pakistani couples. The third chapter highlights important steps that need to be undertaken to tackle barriers and enhance contraceptive uptake and family planning. Suggestions on how to change people's knowledge and attitudes and how to help married Pakistani women and their husbands change their behaviour are presented.

The 18 stories of change were collected in Punjab province, Pakistan, in 2015. The scientific literature that was used comprises both studies undertaken in Pakistan and beyond.