Nurturing Civil Society in Mozambique

Publication date

15 Nov 2016

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In the last decade, Mozambique lacked an effective Civil Society Organization (CSO) network to facilitate national and regional links between CSOs. This meant that in governance, and particularly in advocacy, CSOs were not able to use strong, joint voices to engage duty-bearers. 

The situation worsened when LINK, a CSO network, collapsed due to internal organizational conflicts and mismanagement. When LINK collapsed, almost all relevant national actors (both governmental and non-governmental), lost credibility within the CSO network. 

A new network, called JOINT, then emerged – but without secure support of any kind. While most donors had lost their trust in these kinds of networks, Oxfam Novib committed itself to supporting JOINT. The results of this support are significant: JOINT has become a strong CSO network, both at national and regional levels.