My Rights, My Voice Global Programme Overview

Publication date

12 Aug 2013


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My Rights, My Voice is an innovative three-year global programme which aims to engage marginalised children and youth in their rights to health and education services in eight countries – Afghanistan, Georgia, Mali, Nepal, Niger, Pakistan, Tanzania and Viet Nam.

Children and young people have huge potential to transform their lives and communities. With the right skills, support and opportunities they can be a driving force to break the cycle of poverty so many are born into. To help them achieve their potential, their rights to health and education must be fulfilled.

Activities in each country are tailored to the specific contexts and conditions children and young people experience, but all come together in a wider global programme that inspires learning, innovation and sharing of experience. Working with children and young people, and those who influence their lives, My Rights, My Voice is empowering them to achieve lasting changes in policies, practices and beliefs, so their health and education needs are met – now and in the future.