My Rights, My Voice Annual Progress Report 2012

Publication date

12 Aug 2013

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My Rights, My Voice (MRMV) engages marginalized children and youth in their rights to health and education services in eight countries. The 2012 Annual Progress Report provides an overview of the first year of this innovative three year programme and of the MRMV Global Programme Framework

In its first year MRMV established strong foundations for working with young people to increase awareness about their rights, to strengthen their ability and confidence to articulate their experiences, aspirations and needs, and advocate for improved access and quality of education and health services.

Oxfam staff and partners also strengthened their skills in engaging and involving children and youth through innovative strategies, shifting staff and partners' perspectives towards greater youth agency.

The programme has indications of progress against its four key objectives across all country projects. More than 64,000 children, youth and their allies were reached through awareness-raising activities, including radio debates, child rights training and communications materials, as well as the creative use of digital communications, social media and information, communications and technology (ICT).

In 2012 emphasis was placed on ensuring a gender balance in all of our activities, 54 per cent of children and youth reached were girls and young women.