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Mobilising Women Farmers to Secure Land Rights in Uttar Pradesh

Mobilising Women Farmers to Secure Land Rights in Uttar Pradesh
4 pages

Misra, Savvy Soumya

Publication date
12 Mar 2016

Oxfam India

Oxfam India in Action

Case study

Oxfam India is part of a global movement working to fight poverty, injustice and inequality; in India it works in seven focus state. Oxfam India aims to improve poor people’s access, rights and entitlements over land and natural resources in order to support and augment their livelihoods. Through its programme on smallholder agriculture, Oxfam India focuses on socialising the identity of women as farmers, strengthening the economic leadership of women farmers, ensuring their land rights and making public investments in agriculture accessible to small farmers, especially women farmers. Oxfam India is working to bridge this gap and is supporting the AAROH Campaign in Uttar Pradesh to bring social and legal recognition to women farmers. This paper gives an overview of the programme and its key milestones and achievements.