Mars, Mondelez and Nestle and the fight for women's rights

Publication date

26 Feb 2013


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Women in the supply chains of food and beverage companies get a raw deal, and evidence shows that the companies are failing to address the challenges adequately. Oxfam's Behind the Brands scorecard shows major gaps in the policies of the 'Big 10' food and beverage companies when it comes to protecting and promoting women's rights. An Oxfam investigation into how women fare in cocoa supply chains in Nigeria, Indonesia, Ivory Coast and Brazil revealed stories of neglect, inequality and unfair treatment. Although they do not directly employ or control them, this briefing shows how Mars, Mondelez International and Nestle, three of the most powerful chocolate producers in the world, must help lead an effort to bring about equality for women cocoa producers and women workers throughout food and beverage company supply chains.