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Malawi2020: Vulnerability and Risk Assessment in the tea industry

Malawi2020: Vulnerability and Risk Assessment in the tea industry
38 pages

Morchain, Daniel
Weinmann, Wolfgang
Kachepa, Chimwemwe
Jeans, Helen
Lefu, Hyton
Mtegha-Kawamba, Linda
Thole, Edward

Publication date
13 Oct 2016




Research report

In June 2016, Oxfam conducted a Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (VRA) exercise in Mulanje, Southern Malawi, in the context of the Malawi2020 Tea Revitalization Programme (Malawi2020). This programme aims to achieve a competitive, profitable tea industry that can provide living wages and incomes for its workers by 2020. The VRA sought to address the key hazards and issues affecting people and stakeholders in the tea-growing landscape of Southern Malawi, bringing together a wide range of stakeholders such as national government representatives, estate managers, union delegates and unskilled tea industry workers. It analysed the main issues facing the tea industry and the people involved in it, then drafted suggestions to reduce the risks they face and provide further inputs into the Malawi2020 Roadmap