Leveraging for change: Advocating for a universal agricultural insurance scheme in Bolivia

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08 Aug 2013

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In 2009, Oxfam took forward a civil society demand for an agricultural insurance scheme against climate risks in Bolivia and worked with international colleagues and local experts to collect information and data supporting the initiative.

The government developed a policy for universal agricultural insurance. However, opposition from farmers’ organisations led to the initiative being dropped. When the government showed renewed interest, Oxfam supported a consultation process with a broad alliance of farmers’ organisations and built momentum locally and nationally.

As a result, Bolivia now has the legal framework and institutional bodies to implement universal agricultural insurance. A scheme for poor farmers is reaching nearly 700,000 people, and will be rolled out to the rest of Bolivia over the next five years. This $90,000 Oxfam project helped leverage government funds of $4.43m with an expected subsidy of $29m.

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