Introduction to Climate Change Adaptation: A learning companion

Publication date

18 Nov 2009


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Climate change adaptation (CCA) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) are corporate priorities for Oxfam GB. This companion is the fifth in a series that covers key topics for programme staff. It aims to support Oxfam’s programme staff to integrate CCA into their work; it provides an overview of CCA; and it will direct you to additional resources and practical tools. The companion assumes that you already have an understanding of project cycle management within Oxfam. After reading this companion, you should: have a theoretical overview of CCA (including definitions for key terminology) and understand why and how Oxfam approaches CCA and how this fits in with international approaches and processes; understand how to integrate CCA at each stage of the project cycle; have an idea of the range of CCA interventions across the contexts in which Oxfam works; and know where to go to learn more about integrating CCA into your work.