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In the Balance: Searching for protection in eastern DRC

In the Balance: Searching for protection in eastern DRC
22 pages

Cooper, Hannah

Publication date
27 Jan 2014


Oxfam International

Briefing paper

After decades of armed conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), early in 2014 there are reasons to hope that peace may be in sight. National initiatives and increased regional and international political engagement have led to important advances and new agreements to resolve the conflict and insecurity.

However, the people Oxfam talked to across eastern DRC in 2013 reported that their situation remains precarious, particularly in remote areas where there is little state presence. This briefing paper provides a snapshot of people’s experience of protection and insecurity, building on Oxfam’s annual surveys, conducted in DRC since 2007.

Oxfam calls on national, regional and international actors to maintain their engagement and ensure that high-level agreements and initiatives are systematically linked to community experiences. Without these, it is possible that this rare opportunity will be wasted.

See also Oxfam’s 2012 survey in DRC: Commodities of War: Communities speak out on the true cost of conflict in eastern DRC