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Improving the Safety of Civilians: A protection training pack

Improving the Safety of Civilians: A protection training pack
176 pages

Swithern, Sophia
Hastie, Rachel

Publication date
12 Dec 2008


Oxfam GB
Practical Action Publishing


This training pack is intended to help humanitarian workers to improve the safety of civilians being subjected to violence, coercion, or deliberate deprivation. The pack includes modules on: What is protection? Planning a programme, Mainstreaming protection and Programming for protection. The activity sessions within the modules cover topics as diverse as international standards for civilian protection, objective setting, indicators and monitoring, humanitarian negotiation, co-ordination and alliance building, reducing the risk of sexual violence and advocacy for humanitarian protection. A selection of core exercises at the end of the book is designed to encourage interaction and create debate. The pack outlines all activities, with detailed trainers' notes, timings, resources needed, and handouts, feedback, and evaluation sheets. Colour cards and posters are included at the back of the book. The materials are designed for use by experienced facilitators, who have some knowledge of protection issues, to train emergency-response teams. Activities can be adapted for participants with different levels of knowledge.