Humanitarian Quality Assurance - Central African Republic: Evaluation of the response in Bangui

Publication date

21 Sep 2016

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This evaluation report is presented as part of the Effectiveness Review Series 2014/15, selected for review under the humanitarian response thematic area using the application of Oxfam's Humanitarian Indicator Toolkit (HIT). The report presents the findings from the evaluation carried out in November 2014, of Oxfam's humanitarian response in Bangui, Central African Republic, between February and October 2014. The humanitarian assistance that Oxfam delivered in Bangui consisted of firstly water treatment, supply and distribution; hygiene promotion; provision and maintenance of sanitation facilities for Internally Displaced People and host communities; and secondly, food distributions and cash transfers. Oxfam made plans to set up a programme in Bria. However, this programme did not become operational until October 2014, and is therefore beyond the scope of this evaluation. Humanitarian Indicator Tool (HIT) is a methodology designed to estimate the degree to which the programme meets 13 recognised quality standards via a desk review.

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