Humanitarian Informal feedback project: Za'atari Refugee Camp, Jordan. Evaluation report 2015/16

Publication date

14 Dec 2016

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Oxfam has piloted the Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF) tool as a way to increase and improve the accountability Oxfam provides to refugees in Za'atari Camp in Jordan. This evaluation finds that there are several technological improvements that can and should be made to the tool, as well as internal improvements to the culture of accountability within Oxfam's programme in Za'atari Camp. The results of this evaluation are clear that the tool should continue to be developed and improved, and tested in other contexts. The potential for the feedback tool is greater than could be trialled during the short pilot period, and increasing the concentration on informal feedback, as was initially conceived prior to the pilot, should be prioritized in future trials. The management response to the evaluation is also available to download.