Humanitarian capacity-building in Mozambique: Improving living and health conditions in Zambézia

Publication date

15 Nov 2016

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Mozambique is described as the third most exposed African country to the risks of disaster, particularly floods, cyclones and drought. It is one of the world’s worst affected countries in terms of climate change, resulting in high levels of poverty and vulnerability, and major impacts on natural resources and physical infrastructures.

Oxfam is building the capacity of Mozambique’s civil society so it can effectively participate in disaster management, directly support affected and vulnerable people, and, in terms of the humanitarian situation, have a critical vision and voice.

CECOHAS, a local partner in Zambézia Province that specializes in issues including hygiene, water and sanitation, has been receiving project funds since 2013. It is a key actor in emergency responses in Zambézia, a province that is seasonally affected by floods.