Haiti Progress Report: January - December 2011

Publication date

10 Jan 2012

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As we reported in the one-year progress report, Oxfam raised approximately $98 million for its three-year earthquake response program. A further $8 million income was raised in 2011, bringing total income raised to $106 million. By the end of 2011, Oxfam will have spent approximately $96 million. These funds have been used to meet the basic needs of earthquake survivors and to establish more durable solutions to people's long-term poverty. The main theme of this report is transition, set within a context of continuing humanitarian need, with more than half a million people still acutely affected two years on. Detailed sections cover Oxfam's work in the following areas: provision of safe water and sanitation facilities; economic development and job creation; rebuilding communities; the need for protection; and a long-term partnership approach. This report is intended to account to the individuals, governments, and other institutions that have given so generously to the Earthquake Fund, and to partner organizations, allies, staff, and volunteers.